-Part Three-

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Crispy Chicken in Gravy Sauce

Foil and baking paper
Chicken Rub

How to Prepare:

Warm up the oven to 465°F. prepare the oven platter with a foil then baking paper, place rack on oven platter. Firstly, Mix the chicken Rub in a bowl, secondly Remove chicken fluids by patting it with a paper towel. Spray with oil and sprinkle the Rub all around the chicken and rub them in with hands or a brush. Later on, place on rack. Afterwards, we get into the drumsticks. Carefully aline them skin side up specifically, the side with most skin up. Butterflied aline breast to the side up with the stub side in direction of the back of the oven.

Roast the drumsticks for 37 minutes or until juices run clear when pricked in the middle. However, the breast requires an additional ten minutes so 47 mins in order to finish up.
On the other hand, if extra browning is of interest then, leave on high for 1-3 mins extra. Furthermore tenting is important to do but loosely with a piece of foil around the skin for about 4-6 mins.

Sculpting the perfect Gravy:

Sweep all the juices and fat including the burnt, off the tray. Drop it into the saucepan and prepare the stove on medium as well. As soon as the fat and juices are fizzing. place flour in the mix in addition. Continue to whisk them together in order to blend while to stove is on medium. While whisking pour in the broth slowly as to let it mix properly, gravy browner, and pepper as well. Keep stirring for 4-5 mins as the steam starts to increase and you spot the gravy thickening.
Remove it from the stove as it starts to turn syrupy and adjust the salt to your preferred taste.

And finally, your good to go!
ribs christmas recipe

Prime RibEye


5 lb Prime Rib with bone.
1 Onion.
5 sprigs rosemary.
1 half of garlic.
6 sprigs thyme.
10 tbsp unsalted butter.
2 and a half tsp salt.
2 tsp black pepper.
2 cups of beef broth, low salted.
2 cups of dry red wine.

How to prepare:

Firstly, Place the beef out of the refrigerator 2 and a half to 3 and half hours before starting to cook so it’s in-room temperature. Secondly, Tap the beef with a paper towel to dry and prepare the oven at 460F. Thirdly, blend the Garlic and herb butter together. Aline the onion garlic and herbs on a pan. Slice and place a thin layer of butter on the bone side of the beef. Brush about 2 thirds of the butter on all sides and roast for 20 mins. Accordingly, Remove the butter spread and turn down the oven to 250F. Thus, let it sit further for about 1 hour and 40 mins basting it with juices every 30 mins. Until the temperature inside is 118F and always check. Hence, aline the beef on a plate and shield it with foil while it sits for 15-25 mins. Additionally, the inside temp will rise to 125F which is medium-rare. Thus lastly, the beef is ready for slicing.


In order to prepare the red wine sauce, accordingly place the pan with the onion as well as garlic in it. With the stove on high moreover add wine and beef broth and let it simmer for 10 mins. until it reduces to 1.5 cups of liquid. As such, lower to a medium and mix the cornflour with 3 tbsp of water as well. Trickle and stir as the sauce will thicken in a minute or a minute and a half. and that’s it!

Enjoy your Christmas Dinner and we hope to catch you on the next one!