39 handmade christmas ornaments “vintage style” – Set


39 handmade christmas ornaments “vintage style” – Set

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A set of 39 preciously decorated glass christmas balls with a vintage finish provide designs of the past in a modern eye-catching look.

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Win Your Mother-in-Law’s Love With Vintage Christmas Ornaments

Are you having your first Christmas as a newlywed at your house this year? Was an invitation extended to the in-laws for a stressful holiday like Christmas really necessary? Don’t worry.

When your mother-in-law sees the Vintage Christmas Ornaments made of handmade, real glass, imported from Germany illuminated by the lights on the tree, she will be certain that her son has won the prize. The daughter-in-law who hangs Vintage Christmas Ornaments on her first tree possesses tasteful discernment. Impressing your husband’s traditional, old-fashioned clan will come not from your honey-baked ham, the fruit tins that hold the sugary baked goods, and the mashed potatoes prepared from a recipe you inherited from your maternal grandmother. These edibles will run second place to the tree. Your beautiful tree evokes within her memories of the Christmases past from her childhood–and like the Christmases she yearns will come to her future grandchildren.


10 christmas balls with a diameter of about 1.57 inches.
10 christmas balls with a diameter of about 2.36 inches.
12 christmas balls with a diameter of about 3.15 inches.
6 bell-shaped christmas ornaments
1 tree topper

Additional ornaments in the same finish are available.

The set does not include hooks, please order them additionally.


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