39 handmade christmas ornaments “vintage silver” – Set


39 handmade christmas ornaments “vintage silver” – Set

$119.99 $99.99

A set of 39 preciously decorated glass christmas balls with a vintage finish provide designs of the past in a modern eye-catching look.

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Handcrafted Christmas

The holidays are a beautiful season to celebrate. From the warm gingerbread cookies fresh from the oven to the twinkling lights on the houses, everything creates magic. The piece of resistance is the Christmas tree. All trees are adorned differently, and some are even created with beauty. Vintage silver is a great way to add beauty and class to your home in this season.

Purchasing a vintage silver set for your Christmas tree is a great choice. This set is a 39 piece set that is offered at a reasonable price. All of the pieces are handmade in Germany. Variety is offered in this set as there are different pieces. Included are 32 different ornamental balls of different sizes. Choosing this set also makes for an all inclusive set as six bell shaped ornaments are included and even a tree topper. For a beautiful, handcrafted look this set is a great choice.


10 christmas balls with a diameter of about 1.57 inches.
10 christmas balls with a diameter of about 2.36 inches.
12 christmas balls with a diameter of about 3.15 inches.
6 bell-shaped christmas ornaments
1 tree topper

Additional ornaments in the same finish are available.

The set does not include hooks, please order them additionally.


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