12 Handmade christmas ornaments “high-luster white” – balls

12 Handmade christmas ornaments “high-luster white” – balls


A set of 12 preciously decorated glass christmas balls with a diameter of approx. 2.36″ in a high-luster finish

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Pure White Bliss

No other color brings to mind winter memories like pure white. This set of handmade Christmas ornaments inspires thoughts of snowy holidays spent with your family. The elegant silver design and high-luster finish on this set adds an originality that only comes from handmade Christmas ornaments. Imported from Germany, these gorgeous baubles will compliment any theme. When other companies are mass producing plastic ornaments, crafts persons are decorating these high quality, real glass beauties. Purchasing handmade Christmas ornaments gives your Christmas tree definite individuality. Whether you’re looking for the pieces to be the center of attention, or for a set that will compliment a statement piece this beautiful set will be a welcome addition to your holiday decorating.

The high-luster finish will add sparkling light to your christmas decoration.

Sets with other amounts of balls in the same finish are available as well.

The set does not include hooks, please order them additionally.


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