12 Handmade christmas ornaments “champagne gold comet” – balls

12 Handmade christmas ornaments “champagne gold comet” – balls


A set of 12 preciously decorated glass christmas balls with a diameter of 2.36 inches

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Adorn Your Tree With Champagne Comet Ornaments

These champagne colored handmade Christmas ornaments are a perfect addition to any Christmas tree! Each one is carefully blown and crafted out of real glass and imported from Germany. The care and delicate nature that each decoration receives are evident as soon as you receive your package. Each one of the handmade Christmas ornaments is the same in diameter, so your tree will have a uniform appearance with the champagne and gold presence on your tree.

Each ornament is carefully painted with bright gold comets and twinkling stars that are reminiscent of a crisp December evening. The champagne color each one of these beauties features is a perfect accent to any Christmas tree. The old holiday song Silver and Gold will come to mind as you adorn your tree with these stunning handmade Christmas ornaments that were perfectly blown from real glass and imported all the way from Germany. Don’t miss out on these stunning ornaments while they are still in stock!


The set contains 12 christmas balls with a diameter of about 2.36 inches.

Additional ornaments in the same finish are available.

The set does not include hooks, please order them additionally.


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