Frequently Asked Questions

The most popular Christmas ornament is the Christmas star, but a close second would be the Angel

Well, it depends on your Christmas tree size and ornaments as well. So we made a list just for you:

If it’s a 2-foot tree: 26 medium ornaments.

If it’s a 3-foot tree: 38 medium ornaments.

if it’s a 4-foot tree: 50 medium ornaments.

if it’s a 5-foot tree: 62 medium ornaments.

if it’s a 6-foot tree: 74 medium ornaments.

if it’s a 7-foot tree: 86 medium ornaments.

if it’s an 8-foot tree: 98 medium ornaments.

We are currently working with manufacturers who are crafting the ornaments, if you are looking for a manufacturer or retailer your are welcome to contact us.

The large ornaments are about 3.95 inches for the Christmas balls, otherwise, our tree toppers are 13.75 inches.

Christmas 4Pcs set of Christmas balls 3.95 inches.  

Christmas Tree Topper 32cm / 13.7inch

They used a number of ornaments including Handmade Christmas ornaments made of paper, jeweled baubles, tinsels, and beads.

The glass is torched until a molten state where it gets blown into in order to stretch and sculpt the glass itself. the glassmakers use certain tools in order to blow into the glass, if you would like to learn more about this process we have a post dedicated to how handmade ornaments are created

It goes without saying Christmas is a time to celebrate with the people we love around a beautifully decorated tree, but we need to remember that it’s a worldwide celebration. Save the tree aims at recovering at the very least some number of trees back to nature by planting them seed by seed.

Naturally, we would advise all buyers to recreate our packaging method since the fragile glass would be safe the circumstances, but if it’s not possible we would advise:

  1. Consider wrapping the more breakable or frail ornaments in egg cartons to avoid them bumping into each other.
  2. Using resealable plastic bags, for the smaller ornaments.
  3. Place garland into an empty plastic water bottle.